The information contained on the websites below is provided for the use of smash repairers in Australia and New Zealand for the purpose of managing insurance collision damage costs.

From the list below, choose a link to visit the website.

New Times and Rates (NTAR) website

Australia's leading source of real repair times for the Auto Body Repair Industry. Click here.

IAG Motor Parts Research database

The IAG Motor Parts Research Database is password protected for use by IAG staff only. Click here.



NRMA Insurance Parts Guidelines

The NRMA Insurance Parts Guidelines website provides definitions of parts and guidelines for repair or replacement.

Body Repair Manuals & Websites A guide to manufacturers' repair methods and guidelines. Click here.

NRMA Insurance Smash Repair Times website

The NRMA Insurance Smash Repair Times have been created to provide a benchmark for labour and paint times for smash repairers. This site enables you to search and print smash times, submit field reports, view a glossary of terms and read news items.Click here .


IAG Vehicle Identification database (VID)

The IAG Vehicle Identification Database contains a list of locations for compliance plates, manufacturer plates, build plates, VIN plates, engine number locations and paint details for the most popular vehicles sold in Australia. Click here.

Hybrid Vehicle Emergency Information Dismantling Guides and Emergency Response Guides for Porsche, Lexus and Toyota vehicles.
Government Vehicle Recalls Website Link to vehicle recalls on the federal government recalls website