RCARLogo2013 mediumWhat is RCAR? 

RCAR is an international body of insurance industry financed Research Centres whose primary activity is concerned with the engineering aspects of collision repairs and training requirements associated with motor vehicles.

What are the Objectives of RCAR?  

The overall objective is to contain the cost of motor insurance for insurers and the motoring public by influencing the design of vehicles through dialogue and co-operation with manufacturers, such that motor vehicles become safer, less damageable, and more cost effective to repair after collision damage, and to pass on such information, where appropriate, through high quality reporting or training.

How does RCAR achieve its objectives?

RCAR Members meet at least once a year to exchange information on research activities, including the latest repair procedures, processes, safety features and other relevant vehicle technology that could have an effect on the cost of insuring and repairing motor vehicles.

RCAR issues policy statements, design guides, position papers and other information for the guidance of those involved in designing, constructing, repairing and insuring motor vehicles.

RCAR encourages insurers to establish Research Centres in their respective countries, and through the Secretary General communicates with like minded organisations and representative bodies throughout the world on the subject of motor vehicle research, repair and safety.

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