NRMA Insurance tested a variety of dog safety harnesses on the market using life size and correctly weighted dog ‘dummies’ at speeds of up to 35km/h. Click here for the Media release


Of the 25 pet harnesses tested across a range of manufacturers, all but two failed to restrain the ‘dummy’, due to the use of weak plastic buckles similar to those used on most backpacks.

The only two harnesses that didn’t fail were the Purina Roadie harness and the Sleepypod Clickit harness. Unlike the other harnesses, the adjusting buckles and webbing stood up to both the 35km/h drop test and in-car low speed crash test of up to 20km/h.

Dog car harness test results
Harness Results
 Purina 'Roadie'  Pass
 Sleepypod 'Clickit'  Pass
 Animates 'Car Safety Harness'  Fail
 Black Dog 'Car Harness'  Fail
 Masterpet '2 in 1 Car Harness'  Fail
 Rudducks 'Car Harness'  Fail

Pet owners should be reminded that a driver must not drive a vehicle if an animal is in the driver’s lap – they will incur a significant fine and loss of points**.

**Rule 297 (1A), Road Rules 2008 (NSW) -