ancap masterThe Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is designed to give consumers an accurate guide to the level of occupant protection provided by different cars in serious front and side crashes.

Insurance Australia Group (IAG) is the only Australasian insurance based member of ANCAP.

ANCAP uses four internationally recognised crash tests- offset frontal, side impact, pedestrian and pole impact - to determine a star rating for a range of late model vehicles.

The crash tests are as follows:

 Frontal Offset Test (64 km/h)
The offset frontal crash test simulates colliding with another vehicle. Frontal impact takes place at 64 km/h and the car strikes deformable barrier. The vehicle has 2 adult dummies in the front seats. The rear seats have an 18 month old and 3 year old child dummies in appropriate child restraints
 Side Impact Test (50 km/h) The ANCAP side impact test simulates colliding with another vehicle. The test is similar to an intersection crash where one vehicle crashes into driver’s side of another.
 Pole Test (29 km/h)

The pole side impact test simulates a car colliding with a fixed object such as a tree or pole. In this test, a car is propelled sideways at 29 km/h into a rigid steel pole. The pole is lined up with the driver's head. The pole is relatively narrow, so there is major penetration into the side of the car.

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