We have tested the most popular vehicles in many aspects of vehicle safety and security.

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ANCAP Crash Testing - Insurance Australia Group (IAG) is the only insurance based member of the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). Click here to see how your vehicle rates.

Buying a car is a big personal decision but many people don't know that it also has a big social and environmental impact.

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Our Car Security Scores are your guide to choosing a more secure vehicle. They also give car manufacturers vital feedback that can help them improve vehicle security.

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Our Car Park Security Ratings have created a system for assessing the level of security provided by car parks. The system is aimed at increasing public awareness of the security issues assocaiated with car parks.

PetsInCars Unbranded We've tested a variety of dog safety harnesses on the market using life size and correctly weighted dog ‘dummies’ at speeds of up to 35km/h.
Repair costs Repair Costs Each year we conduct bumper tests of top selling models to see how much they cost to repair. Click here to view our new vehicle repair costs.
 RCAR - Insurance Australia Group (IAG) is a member of RCAR. Click hereto find out more.
rev vis med Reversing Visibility Index - We created the world's first Reversing Visibility Index following the deaths of 17 children in 3.5 years from reversing cars in driveways in NSW. Click here to view our Reversing Visibility Index results.